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Dear Community Outreach Ministries Partner,

Thanks to people like you, over 3,200 people in crisis or need experienced a connection with the help, hope and healing of Jesus this year.  On behalf of them, thank you for giving people who normally slip through the cracks of conventional ministries a personal touch in God’s name. 

As Sheriff Jeff Long likes to say,

When you need help, you call 911. 

When we need help, we call Community Outreach Ministries.

You can get a sense of how we get to serve the community from one of our regular visits to the patrol officer’s roll call: one deputy, we will call him “Dave,” shared with us how he was able to rescue a girl from committing suicide on the Double Arch Bridge on the Natchez Trace and, shortly after that, another deputy, “Mark,” stepped aside with us to process his experience of a teenager who did take his life in a particularly traumatic way.  Without your help, our law enforcement officers would not have the personal support to walk through the life and death situations they face every time they put on the uniform.  Every day, your support makes stories like Dave’s and Mark’s possible.

Of course, you know that this work only represents one of the four ministries we specialize in—we get to walk with people as God forges diamonds out of the ordinary C.O.A.L. of everyday life:

  • Caregivers (Breathe Ministry): support groups & resources for caregivers

  • Officers (Behind the Badge): chaplains for the Williamson Co Sheriff’s office and we are assisting beginning chaplaincy services for the Franklin and Nolensville Police Departments

  • Athletes (Outside the Lines): chaplains for area youth & college athletes

  • Leaders (Unleash Ministry): support, life-coaching & resources for business, faith and community leaders

Who does COM serve? Here's a real story (name changed):


Bill was 20 years old, struggling to find his way in life. One night, he went to his bedroom, turned his music on as loud as it could go, put a shotgun in his mouth, and took his own life. He was found later that night by his mother and teenage sister. We were called to the scene to help deal with the trauma.

This year we have expanded more than ever before in our 14-year history, highlighted by such milestones as:

  • Adding a second full-time minister and community chaplain, Dean Barham

  • Adding three new chaplains for the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office

  • Working with the Franklin Police Department to begin a new chaplaincy program for the city, with Corky serving on that new team of chaplains

  • Implementing a new premarital counseling model for couples

  • Acquiring certification in and development of several classes and support groups for caregivers

  • Extending Outside the Lines to youth and college teams

  • Co-founding a worship service for the Somerby Senior Living Center in Franklin

  • Launching the new Unleash Ministry to help leaders in the community be the best version of themselves. 


This has already expanded our potential reach to serve an estimated 1300 additional people in the community.
To continue this exciting work, today, we are launching our 2017 Year-End Campaign.  Our goal is to raise enough to cover the ability to expand our ministry touch by another 1000 new contacts a year.  Even though we connected with over 3,200 people last year, there are still countless others who need an experience of the help, hope and healing of Jesus who do not presently have spiritual support.  That’s why our goal for this campaign is to raise $25,000 by December 31st, which will ensure our ability to expand our reach to at least an additional 1000 people per year.  


Would you be willing to make a special year-end donation of $100, $250, $500 or whatever you can afford to help us meet our goal to connect with 1000 more people in the name of Jesus?

We simply can’t do it without you.  Your support will make a lasting impact in the lives of those who are still in need.

Please, visit our website to make your donation now at www.communityoutreachministries.org and to see how you can volunteer and partner with us.  The lives of hundreds of others like Dave and Mark are at stake.  You also can find our short, informative videos and subscribe to our channel at http://bit.ly/COM_Channel.  Thank you for your continued support and friendship!  Will you help us?   Will you join us in this journey?   We will be praying that you will!  
Blessings and gratitude to you and your family,
Corky French, Founder and Senior Minister
Dean T. Barham, Community Chaplain 

Our mission is to offer help, hope and healing to the tired, bruised, wounded,

broken and sometimes invisible and forgotten of our community.