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Community Outreach Ministries "Time to Breathe" Ministry and Breathe Meetings are our response to struggling caregivers in our community.


The stresses and strains of caregiving are unique, demanding, and at times very difficult, both physically and emotionally. Caregivers need and deserve opportunities to relax, renew, and be the receivers of care.


Breathe is an opportunity for caregivers to gather in a “safe” environment to discuss caregiving’s impact on our lives, discuss our struggles, laugh, and receive hope for the days ahead. Where most groups for caregivers are educational and informational, Breathe is much more than that. It is relational and inspirational for those that attend. It also serves as a conduit for help, support and resources. It truly is a time to Breathe!


For any that have been or are in the role of a caregiver, they know and understand the challenges that come with caregiving. Some days we laugh…some days we cry…some days we do not even feel like when can breathe….


Breathe…an opportunity to be encouraged. An opportunity to give encouragement. An opportunity to be among others who share similar struggles, similar thoughts and emotions that are brought about by the day to day job of caregiving.


Please join us and…… Breathe!

2016 Fall and Winter Breathe Series Launch Party


Monday, September 19th, 6:00pm
Belvedere Commons Franklin
in the Assisted Living Dining Room
303 S. Royal Oaks, Franklin, TN 37064