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Building Foundations of Hope…Healing Broken Lives

Here are just a few stories of people to whom God has allowed us to minister.  This will give you an idea of what our ministry looks like on a day to day basis.  (All names changed)

Holly was a young deputy in our Sheriff’s Office who needed encouragement and practical tools to weather a difficult season in her marriage.  COM gave support and resources to her entire family and they have kept their commitment to God and each other and are growing through the pain to real joy and hope.

Sherri found herself trapped in feelings of hopelessness and tragically decided to end her life, leaving behind a husband and two young children.  We were there to walk with her husband through the shock of this tragedy and offer him help and hope that can only come from the God who raises the dead.

David is a young man who was a CEO for a vibrant, growing faith-based nonprofit corporation who resigned and went to treatment for an addiction that has turned his life and family upside down.  COM provided regular, almost daily counsel, friendship and support as he is putting his life, marriage and future back together. 

Dana is a manager of a large brokerage company, but her passion and calling in life is to serve women in Pakistan.  We have walked alongside her to provide encouragement, resources and collaboration as she develops mentoring and discipleship materials for these women.


Jason was an avid road bike rider.  One day, while biking with his group, he lost control of his bike and hit a guard rail head-on and died soon after the accident.  We spent hours with his distraught wife, walking with her through these first traumatic hours.  Afterward, some members of the bike group also needed help in processing the trauma they had witnessed.

Bethany was a 17-year old on her way to school who lost control of her vehicle, sending her off the road into a tree.  She died instantly from the crash.  We were called to deliver the tragic news to her mother, father and brother and bring them comfort that can only come from our loving Father.

John was a 15 year old high school student. His dad came home one day from work to find him dead, having hung himself. We walked with the distraught father through those first few traumatic hours.


Ken was a severe drug addict, a convicted felon. He also was a staunch atheist, denying the very existence of God. After months of being in our groups and being the recipient of the compassion of God’s people, Ken came to a strong faith in God, committed his life to Jesus, and now lives a drug free productive life.


Bill was 20 years old, struggling to find his way in life.  One night, he went to his bedroom, turned his music on as loud as it could go, put a shotgun in his mouth, and took his own life.  He was found later that night by his mother and teenage sister.  We were called to the scene to help deal with the trauma.


Doug and his family had recently moved to Middle Tennessee to start over after having lost his son in a tragic accident.  Doug enjoyed paragliding.  One day his para-glider failed him and he fell some 50 feet to his death.  We were sent to his home inform his wife and 2 teenage children.  When we arrived at the house, the teenagers were at home alone.  The mother was at work.  We had to call the mom and ask her to come home immediately.  We waited in the driveway until she arrived, then went in the house and shared the terrible news with the mom and the teenage children.


Ben was a 17 year old local high school student, an excellent student and athlete.  One morning, he chose death over life, committing suicide in his bedroom.  He was found by his mentally challenged 20 year old brother.  The deceased was good friends with the Sheriff’s son, making it an even more painful, emotional scene.  We had the opportunity to minister to the family, who had no church home, as well as to our own officers, including the Sheriff.

Sam is a deputy with the Sheriff’s Office and has small children.  Due to some unfortunate circumstances, he has encountered extreme financial difficulties. We were able to help provide Christmas for his family.  In helping Sam through his financial struggles, we talked a lot about faith. His family had no church home. We discussed several possibilities.  Several weeks later, Sam told us they had found a church home, surrendered their lives to Christ and were now sharing their story with other family members!


Misty is 27, mother of 2 small children and stepmother to a depressed, suicidal 15 year old.  Her husband, 47, who she met on the internet, is out of town for a month at a time working, leaving her to handle the entire household. Her own small children are having serious issues as well.  The marriage is in trouble.  Misty is deeply depressed and probably suffering from some degree of bipolar disorder.  She has no church home and no one to turn to.  She was brought to us by one of our deputies from the Sheriff’s Office. She desperately needed help and hope.


Sid played football at a local high school.  As he was leaving practice one day, he lost control of his car and was hit by another vehicle, killing him instantly.  Dozens and dozens of friends, coaches and school administrators gathered at the hospital emergency room as word spread.  For several hours, we sat with the mother and family in a small room in the emergency room, with the young man's body, trying to offer some encouragement and comfort.  We addressed all those waiting outside and were a part of a prayer with them as we tried to encourage the distraught teens.  The next day, we were asked to address the young man's teammates as they tried to cope with the tragedy.


Scott was in his late 20’s, married and the father of a young girl.  He was hit by a tractor trailer as he performed a routine traffic stop, killing him instantly.  Dozens of officers were on the scene from various agencies when we arrived.  The gruesomeness of the scene is beyond description.  The emotional pain of the other officers as they dealt with the loss of “one of the family” was even more grotesque.  For over 3 hours we were on the scene ministering to the officers, holding grown men as they cried uncontrollably, helping to bring some peace to a tragic situation.


Gloria was 72 years old.  She came home from church to find her husband had committed suicide.  She needed help to deal with the unbelievable grief and pain she was experiencing as she dealt with his decision to take his life.


Billy is a deputy with the Sheriff’s office.  He was called to the scene of a horrific car/motorcycle accident.  One man's leg was amputated, another man killed instantly from severe head injuries.  A third was critically wounded.  He worked the scene alone for 15 minutes before further support arrived.  Afterward, he needed help in processing the trauma he had witnessed.


Cheryl – We were called to the jail at midnight one night.  An inmate had attempted to commit suicide by hanging herself.  Cheryl was the officer in charge when it happened and found the inmate hanging.  She was hysterical and was ready to quit on the spot.  She was blaming herself for the incident. We were able to work with her in processing the horrible events.

We introduce the healed to the wounded and the wounded to the Healer!