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A Call for Help

August 1, 2019


Bill is a law enforcement officer in our county. I have walked with him for over 15 years. Many years ago, he experienced a very traumatic situation that involved the loss of his mother. I spent a lot of time helping him and his wife work through that trauma. We met numerous times. We prayed. And sometimes we cried together.


Recently Bill called me. He had been a part of a team asked to go on a welfare check. When they arrived, they found a man in his early 30’s, we’ll call him Sam, who was despondent and suicidal. Sam’s brother had recently committed suicide in another state. The brother had talked about suicide for a while, but had promised Sam that he would not. But…he did.


Sam was able to go be with his family for the funeral, but only for a short time. He had to get back for work. All of his family lived in the state where the funeral was held. So, when he returned here, he had no family and essentially no friends to turn to.


The officer, Bill, called me right after he left the house and was very concerned about Sam. He feared that he would end up taking his life or end up in an accident as a result of alcohol. He wanted to know if our Chaplain’s team could follow up. I thanked him and assured him that we would.


I love the fact that Bill had the heart and the compassion that he did to call us and let us know what was going on with Sam and get him some help.


Bill knows pain…he has experienced it. Now, he was making sure that someone else in pain could have the help and support that they needed.


We did follow up with Sam…and he very openly told us his story and we are continuing to walk with him as he heals.


I called Bill to let him know that we had and would continue to walk with Sam. And…to thank him for caring and for calling us.


His response was, “You guys are a huge blessing to our county and our department.” Those were very gracious words.


But…I feel blessed to have men like Bill who serve and protect our community every day and do it with a heart of compassion!



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