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Where Are You Going to Turn To?

July 11, 2019

“I had nowhere else to turn…but I knew I could call you!”


In the almost 16 years that I have been working with Community Outreach Ministries (COM), I cannot tell you how many times I have heard that phrase…whether over the phone, over a meal, or sitting in my office.


Sadly, many feel that they do not have anywhere to turn in the midst of crisis or trauma in their lives.

I recently received a call from a very young man who I had worked with several years ago while he was struggling with addiction. He had moved on with his life and I had not talked to him in years. But this call was one of desperation.


“I had nowhere else to turn…but I knew I could call you!”, were the first words out of his mouth. He was in great emotional pain. In the last year, a family member had been murdered, a close friend committed suicide, another family member died suddenly.


The accumulative grief was more than he could handle. As a result, he had returned to his addiction and was not sure that he wanted to live. The only thing keeping him going was his love for his small child.


This young man needed more than what I was qualified to offer. But, I was able to plug him into the help he needed very quickly.


One of the things I have loved most about the last 16 years with COM, has been our ability to connect the needs that we surface in our community with the resources of God’s people that are in our community…to be a conduit to help, hope, and healing. We don’t always have the ability to meet every need, but we can usually get people to the resources that can.


Our partnerships with various resources within the community are precious to me. We stand on the shoulders of many churches who have supported us through the years. Working partnerships with organizations like the Refuge Center for Counselling, Rolling Hills Hospital, local financial experts and many others help us to be a place that people can turn to.


We live in a world, especially in a time, where there is more pain, more hatred, and more tragedy than I remember in my 60+ years on this earth.


Everyone needs a place to turn to.


I am thankful that we have so many wonderful partners that work with us so that we can be a place where people turn to. A safe place, a grace place, a love place, a connecting place, a place of help, hope and healing.


Where are you going to turn to? I am thankful for COM to be a place where people can turn to when life gets tough! And…I am thankful for the many people who we partner with to bless the lives of people who are bruised, broken and often invisible or marginalized in our community!



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