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Everyone Has a Story...

May 1, 2019




Everybody has a story…everybody is going through something.

It was late at night when the phone rang. In my world of ministry working with law enforcement and people in crisis, a late-night phone call usually means I am getting ready to hear some bad news. This call was no exception. There was a desperate voice on the other end. 


It was “Johnny”. Johnny had been a part of our Outside the Lines (OTL) ministry to athletes many years ago…over 10 years ago in fact. He lives in another part of the state and I have not actually seen him in a long time. He quickly described the emotional pain and trauma that he was experiencing. He had no friends or family that he felt like he could turn to. He felt alone and hopeless.


And then he dropped the bomb.


Johnny didn’t want to live any more and he was preparing to take his own life.


Out of desperation, he thought to call me. He remembered our time together in our OTL ministry. He said that he felt he could call me and that I would be there for him…despite all of the time that had passed.


We spent a long time on the phone that night discussing his life situation, his pain, and the decision that he was about to make. I did the best I could to encourage him, to help him see past the pain, to give him some glimmer of hope. We prayed together.


Thanks to God, Johnny decided not to take his life that night and is continuing on in his journey…as difficult as it may be. My phone may ring again one night…and it might be him…and he might still be struggling or even once again contemplating taking his own life.


But, I am thankful that I can be there for him…and I will be.


Johnny’s situation reminded me once again…


Everybody has a story…everybody is going through something.


So, let’s be a little kinder. Let’s pay a little more attention to other’s struggles. Let’s be there. Let’s love. Let’s offer hope. Let’s be Jesus!       

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