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Outside the Lines 

Training Athletes for Life “Outside the Lines”!


There is no better classroom than the athletic field! 


The opportunities for teaching life lessons from athletic experiences are endless, the applications are infinite.  The opportunities to help our athletes lay a solid foundation for their futures are unlimited.

Outside the Lines (OTL) is about using athletic experiences to help young athletes be successful in living life “outside the lines” of the athletic arena.  It is about helping young men and women not only experience wins on game day, but to experience daily wins in their lives, to be surrounded by an athletic environment that produces not only outstanding athletes, but outstanding men and women. 

OTL was started some 20 years ago at Brentwood High School by then coach Jack Daniels, and Corky French, Founder and Senior Minister of Community Outreach Ministries, who at that time was a BHS football parent and pastor of a local church.  Thirteen years ago, when Corky began Community Outreach Ministries, OTL became a key part of that ministry and continues as such today, with a vision to spread OTL to high schools and other youth athletic programs throughout the county.  Corky himself was impacted greatly by his athletic experiences on the high school, college and semi-pro level.

Outside the Lines helps to develop young athletes into good teammates not only on the field, but Outside the Lines!

With the addition of another full-time minister, COM will be able to expand OTL to serve youth sports, beginning with Dean’s volunteer work with the Brentwood Blaze Youth Football and Cheer organization. 

OTL provides a team of chaplains to work with young athletes, available to offer support, guidance and instruction to them.  We help them to learn life long lessons from their athletic experiences.  


For example, every Thursday during high school football season, following a team’s “walk through” practice, the school’s OTL chaplain either speaks to or brings in a guest speaker to speak to the football team, coaches, staff, and support team.  These 45 minute sessions address topics such as

responsibility, character, attitude, team, leadership, overcoming adversity, being men and women of faith, and various other life impacting topics that can be learned from the athletic experience.

OTL operates under the Community Outreach Ministries umbrella and the speakers used each week are approved by COM.   Speakers are chosen because of their life experiences, their ability to relate to athletes, and their ability to communicate effectively.  In other words, we only put speakers in front of our athletes who live lives worthy of being imitated and who have something meaningful to share with the athletes. 

OTL works closely with the coaches at each school or program and provides support and emotional care for the coaches, athletes and their families on a day to day basis. 

This year, as a part of a program called “Practice Like Champions, Act Like Champions”, each athlete was required to put in 25 hours of community service, resulting in over 2000 hours of service being done by these athletes, serving over 30 different entities!

Coach Crawford and Corky French

COM’s Founder and Senior Minister doing the television broadcast of a recent Brentwood football game.