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George Metzger

Board of Directors


George Metzger is the retired Vice President Human Resources & Benefits of Textron Inc.  He has more than thirty years experience as a Human Capital practitioner with concentration in benefits, executive compensation, labor relations, and workforce planning.


Some highlights of his acheivements at Textron include:

  • Architect of Textron’s networked integrated human resource delivery system, their pioneering efforts with account based healthcare plans, retirement plan redesign, and linking their rewards structure to their business plans.

  • Re-engineered the staff support functions which captured cost reductions achieved through economies of scale at same the time he was able to improve customer satisfaction with service delivery.

  • Through George’s leadership, Textron successfully introduced an enterprise account based healthcare plan which resulted in a reduction on Textron’s per capita healthcare expense.

  • Redesigned Textron’s retirement plans to a contemporary design which recognizes the need to control volatility and pension expense.

  • Redesigned Textron’s variable compensation plans.


While holding various operational Human Resource positions, George has honed a keen awareness of the pressures of running a business which both delight the ultimate customer while maximizing the shareholder’s investment in the company’s human capital.


George has held both operational and staff positions with Clark Equipment Company, Rockwell International and Textron Inc.


He is married, the father of two children and grandfather to three granddaughters. 


The Metzgers live in Franklin, Tennessee.