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Corky French

Founder & Senior Minister


Corky French has served for over a quarter century in full time ministry with churches in three different states. In 2003, with a vision from God and a passion in his heart, he was led to begin Community Outreach Ministries and to build partnerships with other churches and individuals who share a like passion: a passion to share Jesus with those who do not know Him and to bring help, hope and healing to the broken and wounded of our community.


Corky has helped to lead dynamic churches that have experienced phenomenal growth. He has provided pastoral care and support for literally hundreds of people through his years in ministry. He worked for 18 years as a Youth and Family minister providing leadership to untold numbers of families and teenagers.


Corky is a powerful speaker, having spoken in over 40 states and three foreign countries to churches, conferences, workshops, retreats, and in various other settings.* He has led numerous mission trips, both in the U.S. and abroad, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ!


Corky’s greatest asset has always been his love and compassion for the broken and wounded. Coupled with his tremendous gifts in communicating, he is well equipped for this type of ministry. God has been using Him to touch lives for three decades. Having experienced brokenness and pain in his own life, he is keenly sensitive to the pain of others and is passionate about helping them experience the healing that can only come from our loving God!


Community Outreach Ministries is the third non-profit ministry that Corky has been a part of starting. The previous two, the National Conference on Youth Ministries (NCYM), an annual training conference for Youth Ministers, and The Wayne Reed Center, an inner city child care center in Nashville, Tenn., have both experienced tremendous success and continue to touch lives today. Corky also worked one year as the Executive Director of the Nashville Area Habitat for Humanity. All of these experiences have prepared him well to lead Community Outreach Ministries!


He has three children, all with wonderful spouses.


Corky has been the chaplain at the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office since December of 1999. During that time he has ministered to the near 350 employees, and their families, faithfully. He spends untold hours building relationships and trust between himself and the officers. He has provided hundreds of hours of pastoral counsel, referral, performed weddings, funerals, and answered innumerable emergency calls. Many of those calls result in Corky ministering to the families of those involved in the emergencies that the Sheriff’s Office is called in to. During his tenure as chaplain, Corky has been asked to deliver over 50 death notifications and has been called to the scene of over 100 critical incidents.


Corky also oversees all ministry that takes place in the county jail. Each year he certifies over 200 ministers and lay ministers who conduct services and make pastoral visits to the over 340 inmates housed daily in our county jail. Last year alone, that represented well over 750 classes, services and visits. He also oversees a program called AFFIRM, A Friends and Family of Inmates Resource Ministry, that ministers to families of inmates. AFFIRM is run by volunteers working under Corky’s oversight and the Community Outreach Ministries umbrella.


Corky is also a part of the training program at the Sheriff’s Office for new officers, training them in understanding the law enforcement culture, it’s dangers and pitfalls and how to live and work in that environment without becoming a victim of the culture and its potential negative impact on the officers and their families.