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Volunteer with COM

Volunteer Opportunities:


  • Leaders, from any walk of life, who are willing to share their experiences and wisdom for growth with other leaders

  • Former athletes who are willing to visit and share their story or experiences or other avenues of developing character with our young athletes

  • Families/groups/individuals who would be willing to pray for and write a letter, or offer other expressions of support for our officers, 1 month at a time

  • Serve the Williamson County Sheriff's Officers by providing donuts for cops. We regularly attend roll calls with the WCSO and will deliver the donuts to various shifts.

  • Groups who would be willing to sponsor or host a lunch or a similar gathering for caregivers

  • Sit with a loved one of a caregiver for an hour or two once a month or on a rotation with others once a month (these would not be high-needs individuals); the best expertise needed is simply a listening ear

  • Help mentor or advise COM on social media and ongoing web presence

  • Citizen's Assurance Program - Working with Sheriff's Office, make daily phone calls to a participant requesting the security of a daily contact

  • Help with Night for Hope auction & dinner, golf tournament and other fundraising activities

  • Participate in Somerby Senior Living Sunday afternoon worship service 3:00 - 3:45. Opportunities include lead worship, serve communion, lead a devotional, pray, give a 5 - 10 minute talk, or just be present and visit with the residents.