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“COM - the Beginning”- Making a Ministry

This video details an in depth look at the humble makings of a ministry and taking that leap of faith with Corky French, COM’s Senior Minister and Founder featuring Steve Speake, COM’s very first Board Member and supporter. A journey of growth over the last 13 years of Community Outreach Ministries.


Community Outreach Ministries works with an audience of over 2000 people on a week to week basis. This includes people you know, people who may live in your neighborhood, perhaps a friend, or a co-worker.  Just like tragedy and hardship do not discriminate, neither do we. 


We work with people from all walks of life from care givers, county jail inmates and their families, law enforcement officers and their families, public high school athletes and their families, victims of severe trauma, and many others. By far, the great majority of these people have no church home, with no church family to turn to, no minister to call, and no one there to direct them to the compassionate, merciful, healing Father.


We teach, train, marry, bury, love, support, challenge, and walk daily with the people we serve, most of whom have nowhere else to turn.  


Together with YOU, we build foundations of hope and heal broken lives.