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We show up in the critical moments of people's lives...

Community Outreach Ministries, established in 2003, is committed to intentionally seeking to serve people within our own community who are broken or wounded and in need of the help, hope and healing only God can provide.  


Through our efforts, an audience of nearly 4000 people are touched annually and they often represent those who may fall through the cracks of conventional ministries. 



See God make diamonds out of the C.O.A.L. of everyday life.

  • Cops (Behind the Badge)
- chaplains for the Williamson County Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement officers 
  • Older Adults (Breathe)
- support & resources for aging adults & caregivers 
  • Athletes (Outside the Lines)
- chaplains for area youth & college athletes
  • Leaders (Unleash)
- support, mentoring & life coaching for community leaders

For example, our ongoing relationship with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office introduces us to law enforcement officers and their families to insure specific hardships associated with protecting our community can be met with sensitivity. In serving as the liaison between the Sheriff’s Office and other ministries, organized training, certification and oversight means those involved can effectively meet consistency and safety standards with inmate visits.


Victims of severe trauma are provided the very relief needed when it is most crucial.  

On another front, through our Outside the Lines program, young athletes are trained to take the lessons of sports off the field to use in their daily lives and into community service projects.  

To help address the unique burdens of caregivers, our Breathe ministry provides a clearinghouse of information, resources and relationships to sustain them in the selfless and often exhausting service they are providing.  Walking alongside churches and community organizations, COM provides a safe place to turn to for physical, emotional, and spiritual support. 


Our newest ministry, Unleash, is our effort to provide support, encouragement and tools for leaders in the business community and spiritual community to be the best version of themselves.  Far too often leaders find themselves feeling isolated, fearful and as if they are unable to live up to their own best ideals.  COM provides relationships, mentoring and training for leaders to excel in their character as well as their work. 

By far the great majority of the people we serve are “unchurched” with no minister or church family to help point them to hope in a compassionate, merciful healing Father.


We teach, train, marry, bury, love, support, challenge, and walk daily with the people we serve when they have nowhere else to turn. By God’s hand we help build foundations of hope while He heals broken lives.


Many of those we work with have been marginalized by society and touched by untold tragedy. Many work in jobs with unbelievable stress. Many are hopeless. Many believe no one cares. Many carry enormous burdens of shame and guilt. Each of them can be changed through help, hope and healing.  

What Has Our Work Looked Like in the Last Several Months?


  • Over 750 hours of pastoral support/counseling provided

  • Answered over 30 crisis and trauma calls for law enforcement

  • Provided support for over 20 marriages in crisis

  • Provided over 20 hours of training for law enforcement officers

  • Provided over 150 hours of training/support for young athletes in a program called Outside the Lines

  • Helped certify over 350 people from the community to minister in the jail

  • Expanded our Breathe ministry for caregivers, being trained in two different nationally known caregiving support courses

  • Led 10 support sessions called Breathe for caregivers

  • Started and co-led a weekly church service in Somerby Senior Living Community

  • Delivered over 15 death notifications

  • Responded to numerous suicide calls

  • Worked with high school athletes in a program called ‘Practice Like Champions, Act Like Champions’, facilitated over 2500 hours of community service by the athletes

  • Working with volunteers from the community, developed a ministry called BADGE to provide financial support for law enforcement officers in need

  • Co-led a Celebrate Recovery Bible Study each week in the Williamson County Jail

We introduce the healed to the wounded and the wounded to the Healer!